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Taiwan is the world’s sixteenth-largest exporter.
As an export-oriented economy with a diversified manufacturing sector Taiwan offers a wide variety of products and suppliers. At the same, due to the continuous rise of living standard, imported products are increasingly in demand, too.
actiomo is ready to support you in both import and export as well as all related activities.


Taiwan is well-known for its concentration of high-technology industries, especially computers, electronics and semiconductors, which makes it a leading supplier of advanced products, like computer peripherals, notebooks, LCD displays and smart phones.
Building on its capabilities, Taiwan’s industry has successfully diversified into new fields, such as photovoltaics and nanotechnology. But also in other areas, like bicycles and biotechnology, Taiwanese manufacturers are recognized for quality and innovation.
Due to a local presence, actiomo can access suppliers directly to take the most critical matters into its own hands on behalf of its clients. This includes the communication of product specifications and assurance of quality and timely delivery.

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The following list shows which Taiwanese exports generated the most money in sales during 2013. Unlike most information currently available on the web, the items below are detailed at the 6-digit tariff code level. This can help entrepreneurs identify precisely which products in which Taiwan has strong competitive advantages over other nations.

Highest Value Taiwanese Export Products

Below are the 20 highest value export products shipped from Taiwan in 2013. Shown within brackets is the 6-digit harmonized tariff system code for each item.

  • Electronic integrated circuits: US$54,156,924,000 (HTS code 854239)
  • Other petroleum oils: $18,494,174,000 (271019)
  • Other optical devices, appliances and instruments: $8,224,151,000 (901380)
  • Optical appliance and instrument parts: $7,588,514,000 (901390)
  • Electronic integrated circuits as memories: $7,288,942,000 (854232)
  • Photosensitive semiconductor devices and solar cells: $5,856,807,000(854140)
  • Printed circuits: $5,789,977,000 (853400)
  • Cellphones and smartphones: $5,747,430,000 (851712)
  • Computer parts and accessories: $4,996,172,000 (847330)
  • Solid-state data storage devices: $4,638,948,000 (852351)
  • Liquid crystal device indicator panels: $3,829,258,000 (853120)
  • Light petroleum oils: $3,772,550,000 (271011)
  • Mobile phone parts: $3,057,507,000 (851770)
  • P-xylene: $2,415,051,000 (290243)
  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene chemicals: $2,264,459,000 (390330)
  • Iron or steel bolts and screws: $2,018,615,000 (731815)
  • TV cameras, digital cameras, video recorders: $1,929,978,000 (852580)
  • Other motor vehicle parts: $1,868,227,000 (870899)
  • Bicycles and other cycles: $1,749,182,000 (871200)
  • Articles of plastics: $1,703,616,000 (392690)

Among these product categories, mobile phone parts posted the greatest increase in export sales up 430.7% from 2009 to 2013.

In second place were p-xylene exports, which improved 426% over the same 5-year period.

Taiwanese exports of television cameras, digital cameras and video recorders also showed a respectable gain in 2013, up 360.7% from 2009.

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