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actiomo offers the services you would expect from your own representative or purchase office

our services

Supplier Sourcing

We find and evaluate suppliers suitable for your product specification and trade volume, irrespective whether they produce in Taiwan, China or elsewhere in Asia. Our value lies in the information that goes beyond what can be obtained from a trade directory. Through personal talks and inspection of production facilities we get the real impression of the supplier’s capabilities and product quality. We start following it up by:

  • Conducting a market research and execute a proposal process;
  • Narrow the eligible manufacturers down to your specification and requirements;
  • Collecting information from eligible manufacturers and their product quality;
  • We send you a detailed product and factory report after our research.

Supplier Evaluation

Suppliers and manufacturers can be found easily in online directories and Internet trading platforms. However from these kind of sources only some basic data can be obtained, which might not be sufficient to enter into a business relationship. Sites like Alibaba, Made in China, etc., as most B to B marketplaces, including the B2B websites based in Europe, do not check the credentials of their members. This results into many companies which have no legal existence being registered on these websites. In contrast, Actiomo can provide much deeper information about a supplier, such as company history, financial background and business situation before you conduct any business with them and prevent any potential shortcomings from your partner down the line.

Factory Inspection

When you’ve already conducted research about the product that you were interested in, but you still have hesitations with the factory itself and the quality they provide, you definitely don’t need to come over to China just to check everything yourself and double your expenses and waste your time.

The aim of a factory audit is to confirm that your suppliers’ factory has the production capacity, capability and quality to meet your production needs. Our highly qualified auditors inspect the factory thorough full. They carry out a comprehensive assessment of the production facilities and organization according to your specifications and the international standards in force.

The factory audits are carried out according to the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, a relevant set of internationally recognized standards for quality management.

Actiomo can customize factory audits to address specific concerns you should have and look more closely into specific areas of the factory that are critical to your project.

Our experts will pay a visit to the factories and carry out the inspections and report back to you with their findings, pictures of the product, the production process and the manufacturer company’s site.

Quality Control

You, or us together, find the product you want to import and everything is ready at the production level. During different phases of manufacturing and assembling we visit the factories for inspection and testing. Our experience has shown that many quality problems can be avoided at an early stage by personal cooperation and mutual trust.

Production Coordination

Often a product consists of components from several different manufacturers and suppliers. This requires that someone is locally present to coordinate the flow of information and material. Actiomo can reach suppliers in Taiwan within hours by short direct flights.

Shipment Handling

This service is a must from our point of view. After placing your order to the factory, we usually are informed by them when the products are ready for shipment. We make sure that the products fit to your standards and are to your satisfaction, we make sure measurements, quantities, weights match with your requirements.
Furthermore we take care of our clients logistics needs, from sample shipments to larger consignments with goods from multiple sources. Besides our clients and suppliers this also involves working with freight forwarders, customs brokers and government agencies. Our regional presence makes it possible to work together efficiently with these different parties.

Other Services

  1. A) Interpreting and Guiding
    You come to China to do business and you need help for your factory visits, contracts and attendance to any product fairs. We can accompany you and provide you with translation services and our consultancy services during your negations and visits
  2. B) Establishing company
    You want to invest and start your own company in China. We present you investor solutions and work with you to make your operations easy and minimize your expenses.