faq actiomo


Q: How can I search and find the right contacts from b2b websites?
A: You have to be very careful when you are doing a research from the websites like these. There are plenty of unreliable trading companies and false establishments exist. That’s why you need to know your product specifications very well and also need to make sure that you know for how long your potential suppliers are a member of these websites.


Q: Why can’t Asian products meet with our quality expectations?
A: It is not 100% right to say that all Asian products are low quality, after all many products are manufactured to satisfaction in Asia. It actually depends on the price range of the product you want to import. But some buyers still prefer cheap and unqualified production. Knowing the details of the product you want to source can prevent disappointments.


Q: Why would I need a professional support in Asia?
A: The presence of a local professional support partner in Asia will avoid the difficulties in your day to day operations, product inspections, shipments. It also helps you to save your money and time. Just as well as having a local partner to reduce communication errors and to have regular face to face meetings with.


Q: Is it possible for me to have my own production facility in Asia?
A:Foreign investor needs to present the requested documents to the authorities in order to have their own production line in Asia. You shall prepare a report which includes the aims of the facility, sector it’s involved in, venue details, technologic adequacy, etc… You also need to get your establishment applications ready, feasibility report and other official documents that will be required by the municipalities.


Q: Is English good enough to communicate Asia?
A: Language will always be the biggest challenge for you to communicate Asia during your social activities and business meetings. You will understand that most of the common words that can be understandable in other countries don’t exist here. There are not too many local English speakers in Asia compared to their large population.


Q: How can I make sure that the manufacturer keeps the quality level same for my future orders?
A: If you want to have a long co-operation period with the manufacturer, you need to sign a contract with them which is prepared according to the country specific laws and let your consulting company do the last inspections for you to make sure the quality of the product matches with the previous ones.


Q: What is the procedure of importing products from Asia?
A: You need to know the specifications of your product very well. Products can be very simple for you but local manufacturers may ask a lot of details in order to put a project together. If it’s your first business experience in Asia, you have to visit the factory by yourself or let your consultant do it for you, so you can choose the right manufacturer.

The next step is the inspection of the goods during the production process and make sure the quality complies with your standards, amount and packaging requirements. Payment issue usually shapes itself according to your contract terms with the factory but most of them prefer 30% cash before the production starts and 70% before the shipment. When your shipment arrives to its destination you need to have all the documents ready so you can clear the customs with the help of a customs consultant.


Q: Can I find everything in Asia?
A: Yes, you can almost find everything in Asia.


Q: What are the benefits of working with you?
A: In today’s complex business environment, you may require a procurement, sourcing and supply chain management partner with expertise; professionalism, experience and credibility to keep your supplier list updated and qualified suppliers sourced. Especially for your long term and reliable supplies, in order to minimize unwary risks for now and future, remove hassles dealing with foreign language and culture, you can always have some advice from actiomo.